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Jammin' in the Rockies since 2007

Paul Christiansen began playing drums at age 15, and the rest, as they say, is history.  Shortly after graduating high school in New Jersey, Paul began feverishly pursuing his craft, getting lessons at a store called Jersey Drums and Percussion.  First under Charlie Mills (Skid Row’s original drummer) and then under David Anthony (degree in classical percussion from the Manhattan School of Music, played in the pit orchestra for popular Broadway show The Lion King), Paul began studying jazz, funk, rock and latin music.
 He spent the next several years playing in many groups in a variety of musical styles, and has toured both as a drum tech working on the Ozzfest tour, as well as playing drums himself on several tours nationally and internationally.  He received his degree in music from Mercer County College in New Jersey in 2008.
 He now plays and teaches guitar and piano with the same focus and dedication as his drumming, and will soon be hitting the local Colorado music scene with progressive metal outfit Citadel.
Paul’s goal as a teacher is to encourage students towards musical well-roundedness and awareness as well as focused, direct development on their chosen instrument(s).  From learning to play songs, music-reading and theory, to experience-based guidance about listening, phrasing and musical sensitivity, Paul endeavors to make learning music as fun and enjoyable as it is to play it.
He is available for lessons Monday through Friday